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You can help ensure a future for BC's precious wild salmon by calling and/or tweeting your local MP to ask for their support.

Simply enter your postal code below to look up your MP. If you don't know your postal code, use our map feature.

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Talking Points

Hi. My Name is _____ and I am a voter in XMPRIDINGX.

I am calling to ask you to support Bill C-228 and help save wild salmon.

Will XMPNAMEX be voting in favour of Bill C-228?

[If yes]

Thank you for your commitment to wild salmon and the people who depend on them! I am proud to have XMPFNAMEX as my MP.

[If no or non committal]

Here are a few reasons why I hope XMPFNAMEX will stand up for wild salmon:

  • West Coast wild salmon are under threat from sea lice and diseases that originate from open net salmon farms.
  • Wild salmon are a national treasure we cannot afford to lose. Bill C-228 will help wild salmon by transitioning open net salmon farms to safe closed containment systems within five years. Canada can become a world leader in salmon aquaculture if we transition now.
  • Sensitive ecosystems, First Nations culture and thousands of jobs depend on a healthy salmon population. We cannot let the much smaller salmon aquaculture industry undermine the much larger wild salmon economy.

Thank you for your time.

Tweet your MP

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@MPHandle You’re my MP. Please stand up for wild salmon, vote 'yes' to Bill C-228. #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli
@MPHandle You’re my MP. Help save west coast wild salmon, vote 'yes' to Bill C-228 #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli
@MPHandle Will my MP save wild salmon and vote ‘yes’ to Bill C-228? #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli
@MPHandle Wild salmon need your help! You’re my MP. Vote yes to Bill C-228 to #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli
@MPHandle As my MP, I am counting on you to support for Bill C-228 and help #SaveWildSalmon from salmon farm diseases #cdnpoli
@MPHandle Wild salmon are in trouble. As my MP, you can help #SaveWildSalmon by voting ‘yes’ to Bill C-228. #cdnpoli
@MPHandle #SaveWildSalmon. Vote ‘yes’ to Bill C-228. #cdnpoli

@MPHandle Salmon farms are threatening wild salmon. Vote ‘yes’ to Bill C-228 and help #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli
@MPHandle Bill C-228 will help #SaveWildSalmon. Can I count on my MP to vote ‘yes’? #cdnpoli
@MPHandle You’re my MP. Vote 'yes' to Bill C-228 and help #SaveWildSalmon #cdnpoli

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